Diner Dash – Sizzle & Serve

Diner Dash – Sizzle & Serve
Console PSP
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Genre Strategy
Region US
Views 3
Released May 22, 2007
0/5 (0 votes)
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“Diner Dash- Sizzle & Serve” is a video game that manages time and strategy, action riddles, and is also a remake of the video game PC Dinner Dash. The game continues the story of Flo – a poor and exhausted girl in a chaotic and dull financial job. That’s why she decided to quit her job and plan to build her own high-end restaurant empire. Starting from a small roadside diner and working, do attentive service to become a five-star restaurant. In terms of gameplay, this version is relatively similar to the previous game, but there are some minor differences. The level of play is completely new, with up to 50 different levels and over 20 unlocked levels as well as six new restaurants. Flo’s clothes in the restaurant are also provided with five different sets, and diners also changed: Flo’s TiKi Palace become Flo’s Mexico, Chez Flo is replaced with Retro. Because of this newness, the requirements are also higher as when serving, and you need to pay more attention because it is the critics, restaurant reviewers. In addition, the graphics of this game are also redesigned more beautiful and realistic. The music has been changed. The original is a remix, and new music is added for each stage. In short, coming to “Diner Dash- Sizzle & Serve,” you will never feel disappointed. It is the fulcrum to highlight the ability of our business.

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