Dissidia 012 – Duodecim Final Fantasy

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  • Publisher:
    Square Enix
  • Region:
    US, EU, JP, Asia
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  • Released:
    March 3, 2011

The story begins with the conflict between the goddess of peace Cosmos and the god of dissonance Chaos. Lighting, Kain, Vaan, Tifa, Laguna, Yuna are the warriors of Cosmos, gathered and crystallized the power of the purple crystal. Thus they were able to defeat Chaos and end the conflict after years of darkness. After that, the six remained together until they encountered a new enemy. They lost contact with each other and are forced to find their way back to set. From here, each person must go through the challenges and difficulties that must be overcome in the journey to find each other. God of discord is being revived along with the plot to destroy the blue planet. The warriors were caught up in the bloody battle. Before the sacrifice of the Cosmos, he uses five crystals to bring light and strength for the survivor’s mercy. Although people do not know in advance what will happen to people, there is hope that they will struggle.

As a hybrid version between immersive and antagonistic, you can gather the heroes and fight in the form of one-on-one groups, level up, manage. There are two forms of popular games is that you can fight with the group in the form of a circle, in which you control a different character in each round. Or maybe fight in a tournament format, in which defeating enemies will be the key to the next person on the list. There are two types of attacks: brave and HP. The brave attacks to increase your total points brave while subtracting dividends. The higher the total score, the more damage will be done to the opponent’s HP bar. A new addition to previous releases is the support feature. That is, the character will not be alone anymore, but will also get help from another character. Of course, it only takes a short time, but with a large amount of damage from combo attacks, it is enough to lay the foundation for victory.

Specifically, each warrior in the collection that brings games, has some clever story. If someone can exploit something, the player can make the battle always new, and easier to gain an advantage (flexible Lightning in moves, and possessing complex attack techniques best. Laguna is a weapon expert, even throwing grenades to make a bigger impact …). Like in other parts of Final Fantasy, the base currency is Gil, which is used to buy items such as weapons, armor, and accessories important. They significantly influence the chance of winning, or in a tough boss battle. Another currency, called KP, is earned by fulfilling certain conditions during a battle and completing a series of battles.