DJ Max Emotional Sense P – Black Square

Genre Action
Region KR
Publisher CyberFront
ReleasedDecember 24, 2008

As we all know, games under the DJ MAX title have long attracted gamers through combining great music with exciting graphics. By using the two most powerful aspects of the PSP console, DJ max emotional Sense P- Black Square will bring you an extremely new experience as a DJ. According to the manufacturer’s mind, the new game had to come with new music, so the game collaborated with Clazziquai (the famous Korean brand), containing many K-POP songs, from the songs. Sing the most classical songs to the current trending songs, satisfying the music listening needs of users. By focusing on one part of the music, the female lead melody, gamers can easily grasp the basics by working with an automated computer or with other DJs in the same gameplay. You can also perform exciting tunes or soft melodies that appeal to the heart,… Besides having new music, the game also has the function of combining songs from the first game to the second game leads to a richer, more diverse music database. Also through the challenges you perform, it is possible to unlock hidden stages and music videos, train reflexes, or have a period of music enjoyment.

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