DJ Max Emotional Sense P – Portable – Dynamic Sound Creation

Genre Action
Region KR
Publisher Pentavision Entertainment
ReleasedMarch 30, 2007

If you are a music enthusiast, want to listen to new and attractive DJs but want to train your agility, DJ Max Emotional Sense P – Portable – Dynamic Sound Creation is an option not to be missed. Coming to the game, the first step is to choose a song – depending on how fast or slow the difficulty of the game will increase, then a screen will appear with rectangles falling from the top. Each rectangle will contain a special symbol corresponding to the symbol on the PSP controller. Your task is to press the button corresponding to the above symbols when the rectangles fall to the red horizontal line at the bottom of the screen; if true, the score will increase, if wrong, then deducted points. As later, the rectangular notes fall faster and more difficult to align correctly to the press, requiring players to focus and very quickly. The goal of the game is to earn high scores and raise your rank to unlock more items like avatars, songs, and more. There are more than 50 songs of various genres to choose from, from Techno to Pop, Rock, Hip – Hop,…

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