Genre Sport
Region WW
Publisher EA Sports
Released28 September 2010

A famous soccer simulation game molded by EA Sports. This version has added many new features such as career mode, smart goalie, become goalkeeper, manual rankings. In career mode, you can choose to become a player or as a manager. You need to strive to become a famous player or a brilliant manager to find potential top players. Adjustments to the control mode also make the goalkeepers more responsive and react well to dangerous balls. Not only become a player and manager, but you can also now play the goalkeeping mode with perfect saves. The game includes 31 licensed tournaments and includes 39 great teams from many countries. The game has a similar playstyle as the previous versions with a 90-minute match with two extra innings and possibly extra innings. The rules are also simulated, like the actual rules of the game. The game received positive reception and was rated as “Sports game of the year” with a record number of votes.

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