Final Armada

Console PSP
Genre Action
Region EU
Publisher Virgin Play
Released August 17, 2007

Final Armada is a role-playing video game genre set in the years when Earth was invaded by aliens. The game allows up to four players at once through Sega Dreamcast connections, battling enemies, performing exploration missions, etc. to improve their battleships. The Earth was suddenly attacked by Armada’s army, a huge alien race of unknown origin, the human world could not resist their terrible power and was destroyed. With the warships prepared, humanity has dwelt on the stars scattered in the galaxy with desperate efforts that one day it will be possible to return to regain Earth. With the remnants left, humans split into six separate groups to unite against the Armada race. Coming to Final Armada, players will control fighters, stealth tanks, … to destroy the enemy fighters, silently destroy them and try to avoid detection. Although the graphics and sound are not really excellent, with the storyline throughout the game quite new, this is still a game worth you to experience in your free time.

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