God Eater 2

Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
ReleasedNovember 14, 2013

After three years, a deadly pandemic caused by the red rain struck the Far East and became known as the Black Plague becoming a threat to engulf the world. A member of the Blood Special Forces, a branch of Fenrir that resided in the mobile base was sent here to assist. Special forces are a group of people with special abilities called “Blood Power”, founded by Dr. Rachel Cladius and led by the captain of Blood Julius Visconti. Blood Alpha, who carries the third-generation God Arc, a new member was recruited into Blood. Here, he meets Nana Kozuki, also a new member, following her deceased mother who was once a member of the organization. They joined the campaign together, smashing the skies and together saving the Far East from the black plague.

Compared to part 1, part 2 adds new features and weapons: Boost Hammer, Charge Spear, Variant Scythe and Shotgun. Each type has its own function appropriate to each situation. Boost Hammer is a large hammer equipped with boosters, which can be used to deal heavy damage to enemies. Charge Spear is a large spear that can be “charged” to become a sharp organic blade that can be used to stab enemies. The Variant is a large scythe that is scalable in a long-range. Characters are the latest feature of the game that allows players to interact with many different characters and NPCs.

Completing the previously set goals will receive additional materials and items, even Blood Arts for the main character. Also, the game is not only a story about God Eat, but also adds the story of the life of Julius, the climax of the facts and interesting to explore. Like other role-playing games, players can unlock individual skills and buff existing allies by using AP points earned from the quest. Personally, I think the survival stages are the most exciting and dramatic when players have to go through a series of missions to defeat Aragamis. And sometimes you’ll see the different activities the characters take while resting, which is a fairly new point. Although there are still some complaints about the graphics, it generally does not affect the overall game.

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