Gradius Collection

Console PSP
Genre Other
Region US , EU
Publisher Konami
Released June 6, 2006

Gradius Collection is a 2D fighting simulation game. At the beginning of the game, you can choose for yourself a favorite plane and the type of bullet that the aircraft will shoot. Players will be able to perform many challenges on different battle terrains. You must control your aircraft quickly to avoid enemies or traps on the fly. Every time you shoot down an enemy, sparkling items appear, and your job is eating those items to increase bullets in each shot or change the bullet properties. When hit by an enemy, you’ll have to redo the mission from the beginning, so be careful to avoid enemy bullets. To complete the challenge, you must shoot down the boss in each mission and move on to the next one. Completing many missions will unlock more fighter models and more functions for you. A plus point for the game is that the combat environment is very diverse; the space design is creative and does not make players feel bored. The music is very dramatic that brings to players fiery and realistic battles.

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