Gundam Battle Tactics

Gundam Battle Tactics
Console PSP
Publisher Bandai
Genre Simulator
Region JP
Views 9
Released September 22, 2005
4/5 (1 vote)
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Gundam Battle Tactics is a simulation action game, taking place around endless battles between Gunplas. The special thing here is that the characters in the game are all exclusive to Bandai Namco. It can be said that Gundam Battle Tactics really fully meets the needs of gamers, specifically here, are those who are looking forward to the appearance of the very best Gunpla in the game. With the location of your demon Gundam, you will not need to search for them throughout the map, just prepare the weapons and attack methods to destroy them as quickly as possible. Each mission will have a certain number of Gundam, destroy them all before being defeated, you will win. In addition to the intriguing throughout the storyline, the action scenes in the game are also very impressive, ensuring you will be fascinated by the extremely talented battles. From laser shooting from afar to flying to slash at each other is very impressive. “Gundam Battle Tactics” brings a lot of monumental skills from the anime to the game that will make fans of these robots crazy.

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