Genre Role-Playing
Region JP , FR
Publisher Falcom Corporation/ 505 Games
Released Feb 12, 2007

Action role-playing game. It has a plot revolving around the character Parin, a girl who has just moved in with her grandfather in the town of Tiese. She will stay here with her grandfather until her parents return from the excavation trip. In the town of Tiese, there is no child of the same age as Parin that makes her feel very blunt. One day, she saw a girl being threatened by a dog. She helped chase the dog off and saved the girl. But really, that girl was not a human but a monster that only showed through the eyes of children. Grateful to Parin, it took her to a portal that led to the monster village. This village is under attack by evil monsters called Phantoms. Parin decided to fight the other monsters together to protect the village. Join the game, and you will play the role of Parin character. This character is equipped with a variety of hats with different effects such as protection, increased attack power and HP recovery. Besides, you can also upgrade them to higher levels to increase power. Your main weapon is a traditional drill. It has four power levels and can increase or decrease the power according to the impact conditions.

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