Invizimals – The Lost Tribes

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    Sony Computer Entertainment
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  • Released:
    November 4, 2011

If you are a fan of pokemon, when playing Invizimals – The Lost Tribes, you will find this game extremely familiar. It is like a Western pokemon version; players collect the Invizimals and then use them to fight other Invizimals. The plot of the game is extremely simple, and it is the adventure travel around the world of Jazmin and Dr. Dawson. There are up to 70 new Invizimals and 80 creatures appearing in this version, each with its own characteristics. Collecting Invizimals by using the PSP camera scans the area you pass by, they lurk somewhere in the real world (they are quite hard to find). A few extra characters in the game will give players clues as well as suggestions on where to find the next Invizimal. Or some types have certain color preferences and have to find that color indoors, scan the camera to find them, then set traps and capture. Once captured, you can name and use it in the battle. The way of fighting is not too difficult, using the Invizimal in the team fighting in turn. Invizimals can level up through being used heavily in regular boss battles. The only downside is that sometimes matches are repeated.