Kami Naru Kimi to

Genre Adventure
Region JP
Publisher Idea Factory
ReleasedOctober 20, 2011

Kami Naru Kimi is a big Otome dating game with a story about a sea goddess turned into a human and making their wishes come true. Interesting plot and love stories are interwoven with comedy, folklore and occult aspects. There are many routes (5 main routes), each of which contains the story of the male protagonist related to the game’s heroine – Sakuya and even the routes of the supporting characters. Characters here are fans loved by the fun, lively and attractive. The female lead Sakuya is not as miserable and useless as most female characters in this genre, and she is quite brave and strong. Adorable graphics with beautiful and clear context, vibrant and fresh colours. The characters are also depicted highlighting each person’s unique characteristics and personalities. Especially simple music but plays an important role in increasing the mood of the game. Funny scenes will become even more fun, and when sad scenes come, it can make you cry. Although there are some shortcomings about CG (there are some scenes where Sakuya will not be found), it is not much and does not affect the progress of the game.

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