Kenka Banchou 4 – One Year War

Kenka Banchou 4 – One Year War
Console PSP
Publisher Ltd. , Spike Co.
Genre Action , Beat 'em up
Region JP
Downloads 2
Released February 25, 2010
5/5 (1 vote)
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Hayami Yuta is a first-year student at Konan High School in Kyouto City, but unlike normal schools, this is a gathering place for those criminal Banchos. Based on the main storyline, you will take the role of a Bancho – named by yourself – and challenge all the other bancho opponents in different towns and schools, defeating them to raise your rankings. You can also change the costumes, weapons of the character. When fighting, many items will drop out. These items can heal, restore energy and morale of the character, and temporarily increase the basic stats. The number of items that can be carried depends on the number of pockets on the character’s clothes. In addition, players can move through different districts to search for bancho names by walking. If you want to save time, you can use the train, but it will cost a small fee. The normal mode of the game usually only lasts for about seven days, depending on your actions that will have different endings, but there is also another type for you to fight without limits is Night Out. This mode is not fixed the time so that you can fight as many opponents as you like before you actively exit. However, the character will not be able to level up or recover physical, blood, mental, and so on, in this mode.

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