Koukyou Shihen – Eureka Seven

Koukyou Shihen – Eureka Seven
Console PSP
Publisher Bandai
Genre Action
Region JP
Views 3
Released April 6, 2006
0/5 (0 votes)
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Bandai is worth a big name in the game industry when launching an extremely popular game called “Koukyou Shihen – Eureka Seven.” This is an action role-playing game revolving around the adventures of three characters Renton, Eureka, and Gekkostate. Renton, a young boy who always wished to join the rebel army, but after he joined this army, he found it was not as flashy or interesting as he had expected. Here, he meets Eureka, a mysterious pilot of Nirvash. The two travel together as true friends, joining in combat and adventure. Challenges will take place for two friends. One person will be controlled from you, and the other will be controlled by computer AI. Both participated in the game which about deciding to win or to lose. Exciting games will take place to increase team cohesion. The game will only allow you to control one character, and the remaining character will stay still. You will need to control your character going to communication to get the necessary information. Many battles on the green pastures will also take place. The shooting angles in these battles are very beautiful as it follows the movement of the character, which makes the player feel as if they are engaged in a real battle.

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