L.A. Rush

L.A. Rush
Console PSP
Publisher Midway Games
Genre Other
Region EU
Views 5
Released October 30, 2006
0/5 (0 votes)
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L.A, Rush is a racing game. The first impression of LA Rush is the size of the map. It seems that it wants to re-represent Los Angeles completely – a virtual Los Angeles city with many other areas such as Hollywood Hills, South Central, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey …Players have a lot of attractive racing tracks to choose from when starting or avoiding the police stalking. There are more than 80 separate events to help you satisfied when starting the race.LA Rush also has many different game modes, from traditional basic races to free races with the basic purpose of the streets or highways of Los Angeles. It is such an interesting playground for players. When winning the stage, you will reward money and use it to enter tournaments with more prize money. There are 36 licensed models from manufacturers like Subaru and Saleen, as well as 20 other models for your game. The cars you choose have many different attributes and affect how you play in multiple levels, and car upgrades seem to be an exciting process for L.A Rush with pre-fixed types of updates in the game. Players can enter “stunt mode” by collecting the “stunt coins” in the game, it will immediately take you to this special game mode. In “stunt mode”, you will have the opportunity to collect a large amount of money scattered throughout the map and can unlock a new car when successful, and if you fail, you will lose some money.

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