Little Big Planet

Console PSP
Genre Platformer
Region US , EU , JP , Asia
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Released November 17, 2009

When we sleep or dream, mysterious creatures or strange events occasionally appear in our dreams. And the tiny planet, where people did not know of its existence, is above the human universe is a collection of the weirdest and mysterious people imagine. They suck what people dream about and bring those things to the tiny planet. Sackboy – a fabric doll with a human-like shape, brown with zippers and button eyes. Curious by nature and eager to explore new things, SackBoy’s adventure on the tiny planet begins.

Despite being a puzzle game genre, Little Big Planet’s creativity goes far beyond other games of the same genre. Not only are puzzles challenging players, but Little Big Planet also integrates its story, Sackboy’s adventures overcome challenges and obstacles, solving puzzles, each level of the story are unforgettable trips again. A total of up to 8 themed worlds with different landscapes and each world has 3 to 4 distinct levels. After completing each level, you can join a few more challenges to earn more bonuses and luck, you can find the mysterious key inside. Controlling Sackboy is also very simple with only two buttons: X to jump and R1 to grab the swing and move objects, and he does not have any special power.

Players only need to control Sackboy to jump from one place to another, avoid obstacles and collect blue orbs to score. Despite the simple gameplay, Little Big Planet still scores a lot of creativity because it varies from game to game and this brings a lot of excitement to the players. Because this is a puzzle game, answering questions is also a difficult challenge, you have to find the riddle and answer. Thinking is an aspect that brings a lot of fun, and it is even better when you can do it with your friends, join a group of friends in online mode (though not as smooth as a local mode). It’s undeniable that the popularity of Little Big Planet is due in part to Sackboy’s cute appearance, you can collect new clothes in story mode and you can change your new look, depending on adjusting his happy or sad expression.

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