Magna Carta Portable

Magna Carta Portable
Console PSP
Publisher Banpresto
Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Views 7
Released May 25, 2006
2/5 (1 vote)
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Magna Carta Portable is an action RPG with a story revolving around the battles between the two forces, human and Yason (creatures that are physically smaller than humans and have long ears). The gameplay is also not difficult. In the early stages, the player can choose 2 modes of walking or running. If you choose to walk, it will take some time. However, when encountering enemies, the character could be more active, even sneak behind objects and cause ambush. But if you choose to run, then you will go through the map very quickly. Its weakness enemies will corner you with a preemptive attack (they are quite strong) when you collide them. There are many characters for you to choose from. The warriors all have their own fighting style and a certain number of attacks. The vitality or strength indicators are indicated on the analog bar. When the power bar is full, the character can use the special or continuous attack to deal high damage. Once players have mastered it, they can try two new battle modes. The Mad combo allows the use of special attacks including chains of 20 pressure buttons. Complete quests to gain more exp and items from fallen enemies. One drawback is that battles are somewhat repetitive and easy to get boring.

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