Mahou Shoujo Nanoha A’s Portable – The Gears of Destiny

Genre Fighting
Region JP
Publisher Namco Bandai
ReleasedDecember 22, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Nanoha a’s portable – the gears of destiny is a battle genre produced by Namco Bandai based on the famous anime animation series of the same name. The story is about Nanoha Takamachi, a girl who always carries with her the desire to protect the Earth. On the night Fate returned, she and her friends clashed with Belkan, Signum, Zafira, and Shamal, tasked with filling the pages of the Shadow Book, protecting their owners. Not willing to look at the city and its Space Administration destroyed, Nanoha decided to fight to bring peace to everyone. Most of the mission of the game is similar to that of the Battle of Aces; each character will receive an HP and Mana bar. In the game, you can choose two game modes to suit your ability. Long-range combat mode is implemented in the side-scrolling style; you can only move left or right, different buttons on the screen to get different types of attacks, usually normal attack levels. Also, with Full Drive mode, it requires players to a higher skill because it is limited for some time. However, the game will make you feel more satisfied because the attacks are now stronger, even there are slightly different variants (Divine Buster becomes Hyperion Smasher), or you will receive unlimited mana.

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