Major League Baseball 2K12

Console PSP
Genre Sport
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher 2K Sports
Released March 6, 2012

Major League Baseball 2K12 (MLB 2K12) is a game about baseball – a popular sport in many countries around the world. Coming to MLB 2K12, you will have to compete fiercely in a leading tournament in the world. With 4 modes that the game offers, you can experience baseball like in real life. The first mode is The Perfect Game Challenge: In this mode, you will have to compete directly with your opponents. With MLB Today Season, you and your teammates will fight in a full season. With the “MLB Today” tool, you can follow and compare the statistics of the season. Franchise mode gives you an ability to transfer players among teams. Finally, the “My Player” mode will help you create the players you like. Depending on the position and the role of the players in the team, you can build the appropriate indicators. The game will select the 8 strongest teams to compete and the prize is 1 million USD. Compared to previous versions, MLB 2K12 has many changes in graphics. The actions of the players, as well as the scene, have become brighter and more detailed. Besides, the soundtrack system is carefully screened – a highlight in MLB 2K12.

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