Makai Senki DisGaea Portable

Console PSP
Genre Strategy
Region JP
Publisher Nippon Ichi Software
Released November 30, 2006

Makai Senki Disgaea Portable is a tactical role-playing game released by Nippon Ichi Software. Like some previous battle games, this version also creates a map divided into squares for players to fight. Players will control a certain character to communicate with people around. Each has a unique function such as resuscitation, music, power, … When participating in the battle, you will control a team of humanoid characters and several other units. You choose the opponent you want to fight by moving the cursor to the position where they are standing. You only choose the correct position when the opponent appears under their squares, and their characteristics information appears on the screen. You will control your team to fight. However, the game uses a turn-based system with each character fighting once and waiting for the next turn. During this wait, the other characters will be adjusted to the default standing still. The battle will end when you have destroyed all enemies, or members of your team are lost. Battles will take place in separate locations with different opponents.

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