Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2
Console PSP
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , US
Views 551
Downloads 275
Released 29 October 2007
5/5 (5 votes)
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In 2007, a natural storm in Dixmor Asylum for Criminally Insane caused a refugee security system to be shut down. The cell doors were opened, leading to the people wandering freely in the corridors, leaving the refugee camp Daniel completely lost direction and part of his memory, He couldn’t remember who he was or why he was at Dixmor. To find out his identity Daniel Lamb and his new acquaintance, Leo Kasper, came to Leo to ask for help. Following Leo’s instructions, they find their way to the ruins of Daniel’s old house, recovering a lot of medicine, which according to Leo, Daniel left for himself in case he forgot the past. Not much different from what Leo said after applying the medication to the heads of the fragments of the sign that seemed to be coming back from his previous life. From the newly discovered debris, Daniel found he was being hunted by bounty hunters and agents of a mysterious organization called “The Project” to serve the “Pickman Project” – an experimental weapons program that involves brainwashing and the control of people’s minds. Unable to ignore this unselfish act, Daniel and Kasper decided to find a way to break the experiment.

Manhunt 2 is a product of a perfect blend of stealth, horror, and psychology. The game also attracts people who prefer the villain through experience gained from Leo Kasper’s perspective instead of just experiencing it from Daniel’s perspective as before. As in the previous version, the mechanism of the game is still to reach the enemy from behind (do not make them detect) and destroy them by using anything such as guns to shoot or phone wires to strangle or simply punch until the enemy dies. A new feature in the game is that in sound, you can now use the loud noise around to search and then engulf the enemy based on the principle of sound waves in reality. There will be three levels of execution (i.e., performance) for you to choose: Level 1 (rush) quickly and not bloody, level 2 (Violent) is quite fierce, level 3 (terrible) Extremely gory is very suitable for you to like. Players can also control how much power they use when they have locked the enemy. The network will also be changed color based on the time to indicate the level: level 1 (white), level 2 (yellow ), and level 3 (red). With their eye-catching toys, the live sound of the player experience for Manhunt 2 is significantly increased. This is also the most significant advantage of Manhunt 2 compared to other games using the genre.

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