Mega Man – Maverick Hunter X

Genre Action , Platformer
Region US , EU
Publisher Capcom
Released January 31, 2006

In the 22nd century, when science and technology made great progress and humans created robots with human intelligence and emotions, even free will. But this also sparked a huge debate about the threats they could pose with human morality. This forced Dr. Thomas Light, who invented those thinking machines, to destroy his lifelong research. A hundred years later, an archaeologist named Cain discovered the ruins of Dr. Thomas’s research facility before. And it turned out that the doctor didn’t destroy the whole thing, he still left a capsule filled with intelligent robots and Cain decided to continue the research. He almost succeeded in regenerating one of them but did not expect that there would be a problem. Ramping robots become “Mavericks” that threat to humanity. To deal with, the government established an organization of elite military police called “Maverick Hunter”. Since then, the confrontation battle between humans and mechanical monsters began.

Keeping the same basic principles as its predecessor Man Mega, but the Maverick Hunter X release has many additional options. In-game, players will control X characters through 8 different gates. Each of them is littered with many enemies and ends with a battle with the Boss at the final stage, before leveling up. Players perform movements running, jumping and using cannonballs called “X-Buster” to fight, protect themselves. Despite being the character’s default, it can charge to deal a fatal blow to the enemy. Concurrently, winning at each level will give you a chance to get new weapons. The new feature that I have not introduced is that Mega Man can shrink, slide and jump to the mini terrain to search for capsules, used for upgrading body parts such as shirts, armor, and helmet. If lucky to find secret capsules, players can unlock the ultimate skill Hadouken – a useful, a great advantage before boss battles. Don’t forget to collect heart tanks that help extend X’s life and extra tanks to store more energy. The improvement in graphics is also welcomed by fans for its beautiful images, smooth movement, and various bright and sharp character designs. Explosions and weapon effects also look more impressive. And the last words I want to say, whether you are a veteran Man Mega player or a rookie, Maverick Hunter X is still a good experience in many respects, worth a try.

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