Mobile Train Simulator + Densha de Go! Tokyo Kyuukou Hen

Genre Simulator
Region JP
Publisher Ongakukan
ReleasedFebruary 17, 2005

If you want to become an excellent train driver, who always completes the trip on time as well as ensure the safety of the passengers, then the “Mobile Train Simulator + Densha de Go! Tokyo Kyuukou Hen” is the perfect game for you. Your main task is to drive the train but must follow the absolute timetable, including stopping at rest stations that are only allowed to be a maximum of 30 cm from the specified stop, and the time to stop is only a half-second odds from the requirement. You also have to obey the speed limit and make sure there are sirens for people working along the tracks. In addition to the above characteristics, the graphics of the game are also the actual footage recorded on the real train itself, promising to make you feel like you are actually driving a train, not through a game console. In addition to the view when driving the train, all parameters such as time, speed, distance traveled are also clearly displayed on the screen to help you capture all the information as a true train driver.

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