NBA 2K11

Genre Sport
Region US , EU
Publisher 2K Sports
ReleasedOctober 5, 2010

NBA 2K11 is a game simulating the sport basketball. This version will bring many new experiences with many game modes such as my player, association, online, fast play, … When you first start playing, you need to choose a suitable name and join. Your favorite basketball team. Many great teams in the world are reproduced in the game. Then you select one of these modes have been introduced above desired. With my player mode, you can create your player and start your career from the first steps, participate in tournaments, and become a professional basketball player. With other modes, you will take control of an entire team playing to play against other teams. The rules of play in basketball are also modeled according to the actual current rules. A plus point for the game is playing online over wifi, and when selecting this mode, you will be paired with other players. The game graphics are very realistic and beautiful, but the game does not have a map of the player’s position will make players confused and difficult to locate their players.

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