NBA Ballers Rebound

NBA Ballers Rebound
Console PSP
Publisher Midway Games
Genre Sport
Region AU , EU , US
Views 11
Released May 9, 2006
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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The arrival of NBA Ballers Rebound is like a breath of fresh air blowing into the Arcade basketball game series. With the traditional gameplay still the same, the main modes like Tv Tournament or Rags to Riches, one vs. 1. In the Tv tournament, you will play as an NBA star, playing against all other stars and legendary players. Increasing levels increase unlocking more players as well as buying items and equipment. Rags to Riches mode allows creating a separate Baller; the task is to put that character on TV tournaments, earn fame, points, equipment. The interesting point is that you can customize the appearance of your character according to your favorite style. NBA Ballers Rebound focuses on street-style basketball matches with drastically powerful movements, cross passes, or throwing balls from the back. The more complex, crazy movements, the more points. Use points to unlock more moves such as the ability to pass the ball out of bounds, perform acrobatics. If you are bored with the single-player mode, the online mode for up to two people is also exciting. Overall, NBA Ballers Rebound is worth a try for players to experience.

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