NBA Live 10

Console PSP
Genre Sport
Region US , EU , JP , Asia
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released October 6, 2009

NBA Live 10 is the 2009 version of the NBA Live series, developed by EA Canada and Electonic Arts responsible for publishing. In this release, there will be an upgraded part: The Hook. Previously flawed images have been corrected and upgraded. All the smallest details such as tattoos, hair, shoes, uniforms, avatars, and movements are close to reality, including the ritual of singing the national anthem before the match. The “Dynamic DNA” mode introduced in version 9 has also been improved. There are all 31 teams participating in the tournament, choose your favorite team and lead the team to the championship. Players can upgrade in many aspects such as durable, speed, strength, … Try to join the league and win the cup, earn more funds to build a mighty squad. Similar to the official match mechanism, pay attention to each player in the match, if they are near physical strength, they must immediately change people. Such players are very weak, just need to lead the ball a piece is out of strength already, this will greatly affect the outcome of the match. Try to refer to the strong squads from your opponent to apply, depending on the situation of the player, choosing the appropriate kick style will help you more easily win

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