Omochan no Kuni no Alice – Wonderful Wonder World

Genre Other
Region JP
Publisher Quinrose
Released22 December 2011

“Omochan no Kuni no Alice – Wonderful Wonder World” is a fantasy role-playing game and also is the first version of the Wonderful Wonder World series released on PSP. The plot of the game revolves around Alice (the main character in the cartoon “Alice lost in wonderland”), a character who strayed into the world “Witches and masters” and lives here. Her old world had a problem that caused her to move to another place. This is a visual novel. Depending on the character you choose, it will lead to different endings. This is probably the game that has the most endings in the role-playing game series, with a total of 28 outcomes. These ones include both the characters and the addition of the land. And while it is the same character, with different choices for each situation, the story will turn into different directions. Due to being a visual novel, the action scenes take place very little. What appears most are conversations between characters, and can also be the narration or monologues of the character you are about to roleplay. Game graphics are designed in 2D with relatively beautiful characters. In addition, the expressions of the characters are also diverse and not considered as stereotyped.

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