Persona 2 – Tsumi

Genre Role-Playing
Region JP
Publisher Atlus
ReleasedApril 14, 2011

A group of high school students curiously exploring the fictional city of Sumaru is depicted in this role-playing game. Immersive into the game, you need to control this group of students to fight the demons controlled by the multi-faceted villain Joker. You will be guided to follow a certain route based on the automatic map, and it will automatically mark areas that the team has not gone through. A new feature added to the game is a rumor. These rumors will come true when using the detective company Kuzunoha, and this also changes the effects of the environment. You will get many benefits from these effects, such as accessories or weapons. Besides, you can also add or upgrade equipment for characters by buying in the store. The characters, in addition to weapons, also have more magic power. They possessed distinct powers and different strengths and weaknesses. At the beginning of the match, the characters in the team are all at level 1, and their damage is quite weak. With each hit, the character will gain points and level up quickly. Besides, the game uses a turn-based approach so the whole team cannot attack at the same time, but each person will have an attack in order.

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