Prince of Persia – Rival Swords

Console PSP
Genre Action , Platformer
Region US , EU
Publisher Ubisoft
Released April 3, 2007

The action game is based on the adventure of the Prince of Persia in Babylon with the aim of rescuing Queen Kaileena. She was kidnapped by a dark force claiming to be Vizier, who thought that if he owned Kaileena he would become immortal. Arrested, the queen has no other choice but to free the Sandy of Time to save her love. Faced with this situation, the Prince and the image of the kingdom surrounded by the Scythians made the efforts in his heartburn. The days of extreme escape only became meaningless, and the growth of Sandy formed a destructive power. The feeble Prince of Persia was replaced by a whole new person when he absorbed the Shadow from the mascot. The process of recapturing the kingdom began to take place, accompanied by death and extremely fascinating and suspenseful action scenes. With the growth and abundance of the dark forces, where will the Prince’s fate return? Does he have the strength to stop the shadow that is gradually taking over the soul or accepting the fate of being a child of darkness?

With the characteristic of an action game Prince of Persia – Rival Swords: allows you spectacular stunts, the combination of martial arts moves extremely impressive. In addition, the situation of flying, swinging on the rugged terrain has become a highlight and attraction to gamers. Not only does it satisfy the needs of those who love the action genre, but it also stimulates smart thinking if you want to overcome the dangerous palace and city. Depending on the circumstances, decide to run and jump over walls, dodge pitfalls, climb complex structures and to move from platform to platform, or solve puzzles, search for switches hide. The monster system is richly designed. They are associated with specific weapons, along with various tactics. Without the flexibility to dodge and counterattack, the vitality bar is hard to maintain at a stable level. But in return, like every reward when overcoming difficulties, monsters can die to drop some high-class equipment. Players can equip to gain new attributes, thereby executing extremely eye-catching combos. With the realistic but no less eye-catching in the act promises to give you the most amazing feeling. Incarnate into the Prince of Persia, to show infinite intelligence and creativity.

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