Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012

Console PSP
Genre Sport
Region JP
Publisher Konami
Released March 29, 2012

Being the 9th edition of the famous Pro Yakyuu Spirits series, “Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012” still able to retains the unique charm and excitement of its predecessors. With the context and gameplay that is modeled after professional baseball matches, there are 12 Nippon baseball teams along with the All-Star teams of the Pacific League and Central League. Especially, in this version, there are famous and legendary players than ever (even retired players). There are three levels of easy, medium, hard and is arbitrarily selected, not required to play these modes in the order. If you’ve never played baseball games before, I would recommend trying the easy-to-get familiar mode because Spirits Mode is rated to be extremely difficult. Even the most skilled, experienced players have to sweat with the superior control of AI. This version also upgraded the polishing interface (this directly affects the way the ball moves) as well as the football field. In particular, players can speed up playing by using analogue bars in the menu mode. Graphics are also improved with actions and shots, made much smoother and more realistic.

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