Rengoku II – The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.

Console PSP
Genre Adventure
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Konami
Released April 27, 2006

The main storyline set in a distant future when wars are ravaging the Earth; to fight aliens, humans have created ADAM combat units. ADAM is considered to be beneficial destruction machines; it destroys all enemies they meet, levels every land they pass through. Entering the game, you are the commander of this army ADAM. To increase the power and destroy the objects around them, ADAM needs to equipped with weapons and items. There are many different types of weapons (there are more than 300 types of firearms, separate elements), each gives your unit an extraordinary power. However, each weapons has its strengths and weaknesses, so players must continuously change the weapons in the campaign. For combat, combos are the best way to maximize your damage, but this technique is challenging when you have to regularly, quickly change your offensive weapons. Therefore, do practice to combine the chain of continuous attack action, which also makes it difficult for the enemy to heal.

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