Rocky Balboa

Genre Fighting
Region US , EU
Publisher Ubisoft
ReleasedJanuary 26, 2007

Are you stressed and need to be relieved? Come to Rocky Balboa, a boxing game that will help you relax quickly. This is a game with a plot and images based on the hit movie Rocky Legends. Not only that, the 27 characters in this game are the same person but are different versions of age, weight, clothes, … The game includes modes such as historical battle, multi-player, … There are eighteen different arenas for you to choose freely. These arenas are modeled as the arena in the movie Rocky Legends. Besides, you can also choose First Lane with fast game times for each of the eighteen matches and the sum of all nineties. You will have to unlock each match gradually in order. When you finish this challenge, you will come to the next challenge. The game is based on boxing, so you have to use continuous punches on the opponent, causing the opponent to paralyze and defeat K.O him in the fastest time to avoid wasting Strength. Both competitors have energy columns to determine how much fitness is left. When your column falls to zero, congratulations to your opponent K.O.

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