Scared Rider Xechs I+FD Portable

Genre Adventure
Region JP
Publisher RED Entertainment
ReleasedApril 26, 2012

A strategic RPG action to be launched called “Koukyou Shihen – Eureka Seven” are storming the front-line of the RPG market. The game is based on a visual novel that revolves around the story of the green world, symbolising mindset, is constantly being attacked by creatures from the red world, symbolising for the nature of attacking and invading. By joining the game, you need to lead your teammates to fight against the evil forces. The game does not have too many action scenes, so it does not require flexible player control of the player nor pay too much attention to the character’s moves. Players should mainly read the quotes on the screen and make choices. It could be narratives or conversations or monologues of the characters. Each character comes with a unique story, so depending on the character you take the role, you will have different endings. Also, in each situation, different choices will drive the story to different directions. In order to fully understand the game’s plot, you can play one character over and over again with each time being a non-duplicate choice, or you can also play a role in another character.

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