Silent Hill Origins

Silent Hill Origins
Console PSP
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
Genre Other
Region Asia , EU , US
Views 823
Downloads 468
Released 6 November 2007
4.4/5 (30 votes)
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Silent Hill used to be a popular tourist destination with thousands of people coming every year. But then strange phenomena began to occur, deaths and mysterious disappearances occurred more and more. It was like existing a mysterious power enveloping the city that made people leave. Eventually, this place became a ghost city without a shadow and always covered by fog. Seven years after the strange events and the city falls into oblivion, Travis Grady – a truck driver was making a trip like any other day. But when he passed Silent Hill, a nightmare about a funeral that he used to dream suddenly occurred to him. While driving, a shadow rushed across the road that made Travis brake quickly. He got out and chased the shadow deep into the gloomy fog. On the way, he saved a girl named Alessa Gillespie who was sacrificed by being burned alive. They could not have escaped but some miracle brought them out. Travis was unconscious and Alessa went missing, worried about her, he went to search Silent Hill and the nightmare really began.

Are you a fan of horror movies? Do you desire to find solutions to the mysteries? And it’s nice to say that Silent Hill: Origins can satisfy all those requirements. With the story of discovering the hidden horror land, Silent Hill does not have the jumpscare that scares you but chills your spine with a gloomy atmosphere and mysterious conversations. Control Travis through foggy roads, solve tricky puzzles – they are quite clever that require players to explore every corner to find clues and items. Another new feature in the game is that many requests to move into another world through mirrors scattered everywhere, it will lead you to places with bloody asylum walls, ragged furniture and there were sometimes chilling moans. Use melee weapons like axes, racks, scalpels or anything to slash enemies and survive. However, there are a few complaints about this version lacking a clear thrill and the plot is not very tight. Many players find that Travis has no reason to visit Silent Hill or stay in this city and the plot is a bit forced.

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