Silent Hill – Shattered Memories

Silent Hill – Shattered Memories
Console PSP
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
Genre Other
Region EU , JP , US
Views 546
Downloads 213
Released 19 January 2010
4.7/5 (6 votes)
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Harry is a middle-aged man who suffers from dementia and undergoes psychotherapy sessions by Dr. Michael Kaufmann. Once when he returned home from the session, Harry discovered his seven-year-old daughter, Cheryl, had disappeared. In essence, Harry’s consciousness was floating between the real world and the game world called “ Nightmare ” – where the town was covered by fog and scary mysterious creatures. He asked for help from the police, but they thought he was mentally ill, on the way, Harry took the opportunity that meets the snowstorm to escape. Later, on the way home, he received another call and heard a stranger’s voice and Cheryl’s voice, she could be in danger. Harry continued to search for his daughter when the city was gradually frozen. In the end, it was all just Cheryl’s imagination (she was 25 years old this year), and she was exactly the patient of Dr. Michael Kaufmann. Due to the grief of her late father, she was delusional and imagined this story.

Continuing Silent Hill: Origins, the setting of this version is a father searching for a daughter who was missing in a snow-covered city.No threats, no gore but makes the player feel chilling, cold spine. The falling of white snow on the screen is like a fog that covers the whole town, both creating a gloomy atmosphere and blocking the view of the player. Like the gameplay of the survival game series, this game creates an unarmed normal protagonist and copes with powerful villains. With horror, fighting gameplay is primary and inspired by the zombies or movies Alone in the Dark (1992) and Resident Evil (1996). These manufacturers were inspired by childhood nightmares, fleeing from unknown threats, and decide to combine a clever foe capable of trailing and outrunning the protagonist. The intense brief chases cause fear with the constant appearance of monsters. In my opinion, Silent Hill – Shattered Memories combines enough action scenes with creepy creatures that make fans of the action-thriller series feel not disappointed.

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