Starry Sky – In Spring Portable

Genre Adventure
Region JP
Publisher Asgard
ReleasedJune 24, 2010

Starry Sky – In Spring Portable is a collection of romantic dating games including four games, even a version adapted into manga and anime. However, these four games all share the same main character named Tsukiko Yahisa and have different stories about her life. The player can change Tsukiko Yahisa’s name, and the story is mainly told in visual novel form. The player’s decision has a direct influence on the relationships she will have. In the first game with spring background. When Tsukiko Yahisa transferred to Seigetsu Academy, a French-born male student named Yoh Tomoe, this caused a stir from Kanata and Suzuya (both of whom liked Tsukiko long ago). In the second game, set in the summer, the main character joins the archery club, where there will practice for the competition and solve problems between teammates. Fall is the main setting for the third game when Tsukiko joins with three teachers at her school (Iku Mizushima, Naoshi Haruki and Kotarou Hoshizaki). Finally, with the winter setting, the main character joined and became part of the student council (including Tsubasa Amaha, Kazuki Shiranui and Hayato Aozora).

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