Street Cricket Champions

Street Cricket Champions
Console PSP
Publisher SCEE
Genre Sport
Region EU
Views 10
Released 10 Nov 2010
2/5 (1 vote)
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Street Cricket Champions is a free-to-play street simulation game, popular in many countries like India, Pakistan, England, Australia, South Africa, etc. and gives players fast-paced gameplay. Join the game, you will practice polishing skills and play against other AI players in many different locations. You will set up a team to play and select venues such as parking lots, curbs, …Start the game by flipping a coin to decide which side to fight first. You need to control the character and watch the time and distance well to be able to create the best throwing. Besides, you also need to coordinate the coordination of your team members to win the opposing team. The game includes domestic and international groups with modes that you can play, such as exhibitions, tournaments, and street leagues with unofficial rules like doubles match and double wicket. Players can take their team to championships and try to win against other teams and become a star in the village that plays street Cricket. The plus point of the game is that the match area is designed beautifully, but the moving effects of the characters are still rough.

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