Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology 3

Genre Action
Region JP
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
ReleasedFebruary 10, 2011

The story in Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology 3 is typical in the RPG category for PSP, or any other platform. The scene is quite classic, involving the rescue of the world from the death that the monsters are bringing. You, along with your teammates will work together in the plan to repeal the wave of enemies, based on the combat and magic techniques that each character has built-in. Besides the gameplay, the character system is the second highlight that will impress anyone with more than 80 warriors, designed with diverse backgrounds and abilities to bring on the battlefield. Compared to the second release, there was a new addition, including two names: Natalia LK Lanvaldear and Sophie. This means that two more short stories of fate have been added to the long novel Tales of the World.
Regarding quests, it is mostly about fighting and you will talk to the NPC for more information about the location, about the imminent danger. In general, this element will be repeated according to the motion of the game source, but there are always mysterious and interesting happenings so as not too boring for players.

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