The Eye of Judgment – Legends

Console PSP
Genre Other
Region EU
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Released March 4, 2010

The Eye of Judgment – Legends is a card battle game that is rated as engaging and attractive. Through the use of a 9 Fields board consisting of 3×3 rectangular cells, players will defeat the opponents by using magic and summons various creatures. The person who wins the first five places will be the winner. The turn-based fighting mechanism, moving cards, changing positions, and direction of movement. There are two types of cards: creature cards and magic cards. While creature cards will summon creatures with different levels of attack and defense randomly, magic cards are classified according to 5 elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and Biolith. The strategy is the key to the success of this game. If the volcanic battlefield is a priority, use the creatures of the fire class, or corresponding cards appropriately. This will automatically reward +2 points in common, and on the other hand, using cards with opposing elements will lose 2 points, respectively. Especially if the creature drops to only 2 points of life, it will cause death. The online mode is a bit complicated as players will choose one of the four inferior kingdoms to represent and play, in the end, there will be a ranking of the total pros and cons throughout that battle.

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