The Legend of Heroes – A Tear of Vermillion

The Legend of Heroes – A Tear of Vermillion
Console PSP
Publisher Bandai
Genre Role-Playing
Region US
Views 14
Released June 2, 2005
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In an area called El Phildin, there were two orphans living in the Cathedral. The older brother Avin was 8 years old while Eimelle was just 7. One day the Cathedral was attacked by Lord Bellias and his minions. He searched for Eimelle and said that she was “Durga’s Daughter” and wanted to take her away. But Bellias’s plan was unsuccessful and was blocked by the supreme Esperius. Before entering the match, the two had a conversation and Bellias’s identity was gradually revealed. It turned out that there had been a rumor about Bellias that he was destined to be a traitor, then led the Bardus Church. The two fight with each other but Bellias used black magic to make Esperius lose. Before being defeated, Esperius tried to get the two children to escape. In the end, Avin was taken care of by the Gawaine – a sage, Eimelle, and Olesia fled to another place. But that was only the beginning of a future battle.

The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion is a traditional turn-based role-playing game, very similar to the Lunar series. As part of the trio considered the best role-playing game ever, it is not difficult to understand when this version is booming because of its great storyline and unique character development. I find the plot very dramatic; every character has the personality and characteristics that make each person memorable. During this adventure, the mission of Avin and Mile is rescuing Eimelle and stopping the rampage of the family known as the “Octum’s Apostle”. Explore all the different types of areas in El Phildin and then encounter special events (conveniently indicated with red markers) that will grant to any type of task that needs to be solved to level up. The combat system is not too difficult to understand. Use normal attacks or special attacks. If you have difficult opponents, magic attacks will be quite helpful. Upgrade equipment is also a way to increase damage and defense (depending on equipment features). Generally, this game does not have too many challenges but it is still attractive enough to attract your attention. A plus point for this version is the graphics and sound with great effects that make the battle extremely attractive.

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