The Mystery Team

The Mystery Team
Console PSP
Publisher SCEE
Genre Puzzle
Region EU
Views 4
Released December 1, 2011
0/5 (0 votes)
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The Mystery Team is a puzzle-oriented role-playing game, and the detective is very popular with young people today. The game is a story that begins with three children who claim to be detectives, solve most mysterious cases involving children like lost cats, or lost football balls,… They also gained some small local reputation. To prove to the town that they are real detectives, the mystery team has solved a murder case on their own. Coming to the game, you will first incarnate into your favourite character, become a famous detective. Will use his powers to uncover every detail, the most important clue, solve the riddle, find out the truth of the matter. You can also use the locations in the city map to learn clues and use your photography skills, investigations and puzzles. Initially, you will lead your team to each crime scene to search for every small detail, discuss, and then link the evidence together closely, explore the aspects gained from the victim. : Identity, Work, Family or Romance,… It is attractive, but the game is not suitable for all audiences, especially children. Because the game carries a role-playing genre with sensitive language, still images, depraved drugs, some violence, including guns, shooting and blood, but it is still very attractive.

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