The Secret Saturdays – Beasts of the Fifth Sun

Genre Action
Region US
Publisher D3 Publisher
ReleasedOctober 20, 2009

The Secret Saturdays – Beasts of the Fifth Sun is an adventure action game created based on the animated film of the same name. To participate in the game, you need to control the character against enemies. The game has many different challenges. You will explore all the nooks and crannies of the lab to ward off mutant animals. Sometimes the matches are unbalanced because the mutants are too active. On the way to the required location, you will encounter many mutant animals, and you need to use offensive weapons and dodge them to defeat them as soon as possible. There are many utilities along the way that will help you. Killing different animals will have various benefits. However, be careful because you are not immortal. If you die, you must play the challenge from the beginning. In addition to the battle spots in the lab, you also have fiery fights outdoors. The game has a simple 2D design, but fleeing and beautiful attack effects are a plus point for the game.

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