Tomb Raider – Legend

Tomb Raider – Legend
Console PSP
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Genre Action , Adventure
Region EU , JP , US
Views 31
Released 7 April 2006
3/5 (5 votes)
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At the age of nine, Lara was lucky to survive after a plane crash in the Greek mountains. However, her parents were not lucky like that. Not only that, she walked ten days from the accident site to Katlahoma. Lara spent the rest of her childhood under the tutelage of her archeological father – the late countess Abbingdon. At the age of 18, after his death, Lara inherited the property and became Countess Abbingdon. Since then, she has followed the path of her father and became a great archaeologist with the discovery of 16 archaeological sites of international significance. She went to Bolivia to find a stone in the ruined city – Tiwanaky. Lara believed it is related to her mother’s disappearance after a plane crash. From here, many challenges appeared.

This is an action-adventure game in which the player controls Lara Croft in a third perspective to be able to overcome eight missions in seven locations spanning the world. The main character is provided much power such as the ability to jump, climb, crawl through small spaces, zip-line, swim and dive underwater for a long time. Besides, the button combination can create many actions such as spinning or swan diving. In some challenges, our protagonist must use a racing car to fight the enemy. The game will take you to many places like Ghana, Peru, Japan, England, Kazakhstan, …The character not only goes to the tombs or ruins but also can do other things like exploring abandoned research facilities, jumping on skyscrapers. The puzzles in the original game can cause a lot of difficulties, but the more you understand how the game works, the easier it becomes. Besides Lara has the ability to use weapons and is always ready to show it when meeting enemies. If you don’t like using guns, you can handle them with just a grenade. In addition to solving puzzles and killing your opponent indiscriminately, there are a number of other activities that players can participate in such as jumping on a motorcycle and chasing the enemy. However, there are some things that I need to note that the laws of physics applied here are quite lax, not like in real life, so you need to drive carefully if you do not want an accident. In the first game, you can easily clear the island within a few hours but play again to find new items or unlock costumes, models that you do not have.

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