Uta no Prince Sama: Amazing Aria

Genre Adventure
Region JP
Publisher Broccoli
ReleasedDecember 23, 2010

Uta no Prince-Sama – Amazing Aria is the opening game for the later Uta no Prince-Sama series, with content taken from the Japanese comic book novel of the same name. Players will play the role of Haruka Nanami, who starts studying at Saotome Academy to realize her dream of becoming a composer, writing songs for her favorite idol. From there she became acquainted with 6 classmates (who are training to become idols). Haruka must complete her project by working with other students to form an idol production group if successful they will be joining the Shining Agency after graduation. However, the story in the game will be branched with many different endings (depending on the choices of the player). There are 7 main storylines in which the first 3 lines are available and the other 4 lines in All-Star must be unlocked. Conversation dominates and sometimes there will be internal monologues of the characters. If you want to see the whole storyline as well as different endings, the player must replay the game multiple times. In addition, during the main mission period, there will be interlocking minigames (which affect the end of the story).

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