Viewtiful Joe: Battle Carnival

Console PSP
Genre Action , Beat 'em up
Region JP
Publisher Capcom
Released March 22, 2006

Viewtiful Joe – Battle Carnival is a strategy battle game based on an anime of the same name. The game revolves around the character Captain Blue, a famous director who is in the process of selecting actors for his new movie. Candidates for the role need to take part in a fighting tournament to find the right person. But as people are progressing, strange things are constantly appearing around the movie props. And a character in the game named Rachel was transformed into Tsukumo due to the possession of the device. He orchestrated the sabotage, replaced the props, and put the crew in unexpectedly dangerous situations. He replaced the filming equipment with the idea that they were never taken seriously in the production of the film. However, everything was clarified when Tsukumo was defeated and the role of the props was re-emphasized. The game has a lot of characters that you can control. You can choose 1 player mode or multiplayer mode. There are many different levels for you to experience. Each level is a studio with different challenges and challenges. When playing singles, you will be competing against the AI ​​of the machine. First you will hit the obstacles to calculate points by the number of animals you kill and multiply points. When all obstacles are over, the two of you will fight to win.

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