World Tour Soccer 2

World Tour Soccer 2
Console PSP
Publisher SCEE
Genre Sport
Region EU
Views 2
Released Jun 20, 2006
0/5 (0 votes)
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For those who love soccer simulation games, you should not miss World Tour Soccer 2. This game has similar gameplay to Pro Evolution Soccer (but not as realistic). It is more about skill, on the other hand, and is also fast and exciting, so it is very popular with gamers. World Tour Soccer 2 has a system based on the rules of reward – penalty, skill reward, and punishment for making mistakes or slowing down. Therefore, players need to show both basic football skills and performances, points will be given by measuring on that and also the number of goals scored. In particular, this version adds various game specifications, including those that must be overcome. Accordingly, the player will have to perform all nine modes such as completely superior, time attack, plus challenge, pass the clock, checkpoints, clock, area, and player cards. Although World Tour Soccer 2 is an Arcade game, the strategy part of the match is well presented. Besides the flexibility to change the positions of offensive, midfield, and defensive players, you are also free to choose individual players to perform free kicks, corners and change the captain. Each player has in-depth statistics on health and technical attributes. This helps players choose the player that best suits the position in the pitch.

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