Worms – Open Warfare 2

Worms – Open Warfare 2
Console PSP
Publisher THQ
Genre Strategy
Region EU , US
Downloads 7
Released August 30, 2007
5/5 (1 vote)
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“Worms – Open Warfare 2” is known as the first and most attractive coordinates shooting game on the console platform. In it, players are in control of a deep army, defeating the scenarios designed with increasing difficulty. The aspect that players always desire to conquer is the control, focusing on the ability to aim with high accuracy. To inflict damage to an enemy, it depends on the angle and force applied in each turn. Wind and topographic maps are two direct influencing factors, constantly changing in battle. As you can see, the AI ​​is quite intelligent, but their gameplay is easy to guess and never more interesting when competing against another person. Open Warfare 2 has added an online mode to enhance the experience and expand the campaign that the previous release lacked.

Weapons play an important role in creating the end result. Damage, effectiveness, and usage for each type are completely different. Some are capable of digging deeper, some are heavy fire, others are strongly affected by the wind because of their lightweight. And depending on the mode selected, which brings in the bag to use also varies. In the puzzle, you can only use three types, while in other campaigns can use all that is available.

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