Console PlayStation (PS)
Genre Fighting , Other
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher SCEE
Released JP: January 29, 1998
NA: October 31, 1998
EU: November 1998

Bust A Groove is a vibrant rhythm game developed and released by Enix in 2019. The game is inspired by Parappa-the-Rappa and is for the PlayStation device. The game has two basic game modes: fighting with machines and with online players. Each player entering the game will choose a dancer to participate in the match. The system of characters is quite diverse, with more than ten characters. The characters have different shapes and music styles. Four characters will be free to use: Heat, Frida, Kelly, Shorty, Hiro, and Gas-O. The remaining characters need to be unlocked to use it. A Robo-Z boss will be the last obstacle when you choose to fight the machine. In the match, there will be two people challenging each other online. Each player performs dance moves by following the instructions on the screen. If done correctly, your character will jump continuously and be slower than the opponent when done wrong. Scores are also calculated by how well the dance performed and the number of successful combos. The prize for the winner will be Dance Fever. Besides, the game also has practice mode for new players. Part graphics in the game are the very eye-catching appearance of colorful characters. Along with the vibrant sound of timeless music will bring excitement to the player.

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