Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross
Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Square
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 1,176
Downloads 662
Released November 18, 1999
5/5 (1 vote)
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Chrono Cross takes players to the world of magic and power, every creature in this world can use magic. However, many bad guys have taken advantage of magic to harm others. In the game, there will be no main characters and you will have to create a group of many characters and make a journey to destroy the bad guys. There are more than 45 characters for players to collect and make their team stronger. The characters will possess 3 special fighting skills according to elements such as fire, water, wind, electricity … These types of elements have different properties and players need to use them to create a team. shaped diversity. For example, you may be at a disadvantage when your character using fire magic meets an opponent using water magic.

In addition, the game’s items also interact with a variety of elements. You can only equip your character with items that possess the same element type as the character’s power. To collect new items and equipment, players need to complete many tasks given by the NPC. Each mission has a different difficulty level, players need to compare the level of the character with the requirements of the mission to be able to complete the task more easily. You can also register a series of difficult tasks, increase the power of the team quickly to complete these tasks. The battle will take place in turn, players have a number of options to use as offensive, defensive and flee. When you choose to attack, your character will immediately attack the target in the first turn. After completing your turn, the opponent will execute the next attack. You can choose to defend while the opponent performs an attack to reduce their damage. When you want to use a special skill to attack an opponent, the character needs to have enough MP. Use MP recovery items so that the character can perform many special skills. The rewards that you can get after destroying monsters are armor, weapons, support items, EXP points, and quest items. Using new types of armor and weapons will make the character more capable of attacking and defending. The EXP points will help the character level up and increase HP, MP, Atack and DEF. In addition, the item of the mission will help you complete the requirements of the NPC and receive more attractive rewards.

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