Digimon World

Digimon World
Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Bandai
Genre Role-Playing
Region EU , JP , US
Views 1,413
Downloads 411
Released JP: January 28, 1999
NA: May 23, 2000
PAL: July 6, 2001
4.6/5 (5 votes)
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Digimon World is a game owned by the PlayStation and released by Bandai in 1999. The game tells the story of a boy (the player can name the person the item before entering the game) is taken to an island named Lake Island and his mission will be to rescue the island. When coming to this island, a character named Jijimon will appear and greet the player’s character. His job is to go around the island and identify the Digimon creatures in File City. The task of the player is to train one of his Digimon and fight all the other Digimon on this island. After defeating the Digimon, players will move to Infinity Mountain to fight the final bosses including Analogman and mega Machinedramon. After defeating Digimon of these last two bosses, players will win and successfully rescue that Island.

In the game, players will raise a single Digimon when it is in egg form. The player will have to go to find food, feed him, bathe him and train him to fight skills. Jijimon will provide players with useful information so that players can raise a Digimon. The raising of a Digimon will end when it has matured. An important part of the game is the battles of the Digimon. Each Digimon will have its own special skills, some Digimon will be able to counter each other. Players can add the number of Digimon after defeating the rival Digimon. The screen will switch to battle mode showing your Digimon and the enemy Digimon. Players will choose one of Digimon’s skills to attack the enemy Digimon in battle. In battle, you can use up to 3 Digimon. If the Digimon World Hp is 0, the Digimon World will faint and will not be able to continue fighting until it is revived. You will lose when all the Digimon are defeated. When the player wins, all Digimon involved in the battle will be rewarded with an amount of experience. After reaching a certain amount of experience, your Digimon will be level up. The higher you go, the more experience you need to accumulate. When Digimon reaches a new level, Digimon can learn new skills and increase Digimon’s attack power. Catching more Digimon will make it easier to upgrade Digimon skills and gain more experience. When there are lots of Digimon, you can exchange with the shops to get rewards and items. These items and rewards will increase basic stats for Digimon.

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